The Unique Advantages of Purchasing a Mattress from a Warehouse

The Unique Advantages of Purchasing a Mattress from a Warehouse

E-commerce has never been more popular; the time-saving benefits and flexibility of online shopping convince many people to surf the web for their next purchase rather than combat the aisles and lines found at brick and mortar stores.

Virtually anything under the sun can be purchased on the web, even your next mattress. Regardless of how you might weigh the pros and cons of online mattress shopping, here are four things to keep in mind about mattress warehouses to help you determine if an in-store experience is the best option for you.

1. Try It Out Before You Purchase

Perhaps the greatest benefit of shopping in mattress stores is the luxury of test driving the mattresses. Each of us has unique things we look for and need in a mattress, be it comfort, support, quality and type of materials, or size. Determining if a particular mattress meets your standards and specifications is something you just can’t do online. Plus, if shopping tends to be a tiring task for you, mattress warehouses have your back with incredibly comfortable mattresses for you to take five, of maybe even twenty, on. So, next time, bring your pillow, extend your test drive a bit, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the mattress you select will be just the one for you!

2. Take Advantage of Customer Service

Conventional open coil, low motion wrapped coil, premium memory foam, Talalay Latex. Mattress types are many and are not necessarily intuitive. If you’re like many others and don’t know what kind of mattress will best suit your needs and preferences, mattress warehouse customer service representatives will be your best friends. They have the industry knowledge necessary to guide you through the entire selection process. They’ll be there to offer helpful buying tips to keep in mind while shopping, and they have the expertise to prescribe the subtle yet sleep-revolutionizing mattress features you didn’t even know you needed.

These service representatives know that purchasing a mattress is a big decision that will affect one of your day’s most valuable and crucial activities: sleep. Understanding that you will spend ⅓ of your life on a mattress, service representatives will make sure they provide you with accurate information and the low pressure environment needed for you to choose the right mattress for you and your budget. Although you may be able to afford some of the newest and greatest mattresses, you certainly can’t afford the buyer’s remorse that comes from being stuck with a bad mattress. And fortunately for you, you don’t have to.

3. Enjoy the Wide Selection

Mattress stores carry a large variety of mattress brands, types, and sizes all under the same roof, which makes comparison shopping a breeze. Instead of having to navigate dozens of websites, enjoy the convenience of trying out all different kinds of mattresses in a one stop shop.   


4. Get Good Deals

Some of the best mattress deals are often found in mattress stores. This is because many warehouses offer a price match or price beat guarantee, while others offer older mattress models at a discounted price, all of which means that if you do a little research, you’ll be walking out with the best deal in town.


So, Has The Time Come?

If the time has come to replace your current mattress, there’s no denying the wealth of information and quality products available with the click of a button. But if you value things like trying out your mattress first and making sure you’re getting just the right product for you, close your browser and come visit one of our mattress warehouses now!  

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  • Brandon Doyle