Welcome to Mattress Dealzz Customer Service Center. Thank you for your past business. We pride ourselves in providing great service to our valued customers!  To ensure your product(s) qualify under warranty terms and conditions, please read the following information. This information is also located on the back of your sales order and is reviewed with all customers at the point of sale.


What is covered?

  • Loose or broken wires and coils including wires that are protruding through the fabric.
  • Body impressions of 1 ½ inches or greater on the sleep surface. Slight body impressions are normal. Visible impressions 1 ½” or deeper are considered a product defect.


How to measure a body impression: Using a ridged object or a string pulled tight across your mattress, measure the area in question, measurements cannot be taken from a stitched pattern but rather from a spot with no stitching.  (show pictures)

  • Tape edge stitching coming apart (the fabric that is used to sew the top panel to the side border).
  • Squeaks or any other noises
  • Splitting or breakage of defective wood in the foundation.


What is not covered?

  • Products cannot have any stains or show visible signs of product abuse. Any stain voids the warranty.
  • All products must have law tag(s) still attached (located at the head)
  • Body impressions less than 1 ½ inches
  • Comfort preferences
  • Areas of your mattress that have been broken in or “soft” areas. These “broken in” areas may seem soft when compared to areas not yet broken in. Rotating your new mattress is critical to the process of evenly breaking in your new mattress.
  • Sheet fit
  • Bed height
  • Cosmetic stitching (stitching that does not affect the integrity of the mattress) Examples are panel quilting designs, secondary stitch row around the edge, boarder stitching design on the sides.
  • Damage due to using an improper bed frame. Queen size products require a center support with at least one foot that goes to the floor.
  • Mattress damaged due to using an old foundation / box spring that does not provide proper support.

As stated on the back of your sales invoice your new mattress must be rotated once every two weeks for the first two months to ensure proper break in. We also recommend that after the initial “break in period” that all mattresses are rotated on a frequent basis to ensure longevity.

If you think your product qualifies under the above warranty terms and conditions please continue and fill out a warranty service request.