Different and Unique Types of Alarm Clocks

Everyone loves a good night's sleep, but few enjoy the struggle of waking up. There is so much pressure to start the day on time for work, school, or any other responsibilities you might have. This means we need to trust that our alarm clocks will do their jobs and help get us out of bed. Fortunately, it seems there is an unlimited amount of alarm clocks from which we can choose. Whether you are a light or deep sleeper, you can find the perfect alarm that will consistently let you know when your day begins.

Below, we have listed some simple and creative alarm clocks that will help you wake up and stay up.


The Classic

Classic two-bell alarm clock on wood table

When you think of alarm clocks, it’s hard not to think of the classic twin bell. It’s been around for as long as we can remember and while it may produce an awful sound, there is no doubt it will wake you up from the deepest sleep. Another benefit is its retro design that can make any nightstand look complete. Yet, if you're looking for something more modern or less annoying, we suggest you keep scrolling.


The Modern Phone

shoulder POV of man looking at smartphone in his hands

Most people these days trust their phone to alert them when it’s time to wake up. It’s simple, always nearby, and gets the job done. You can use the generic sounds that your phone provides or choose a song from your music library. However, it is a common fact that the song you choose for your alarm will most likely become your most hated song, so choose wisely.



screenshot of Alarmy app

Alarmy is an alarm app with a twist. The alarm can only be turned off by taking a photo that you have previously set. You decide what picture it is, but the idea is you will have to physically get out of bed and walk around to shut it off. It’s a great option for those who use their phones as their alarms but need that extra push in their morning routine. There are also different options for solving a math problem or shaking the phone to shut the alarm off. It is free for both Android and IOS, with a $1.99 - $2.49 fee to remove ads.


Sleep Cycle

woman lying in bed with Sleep Cycle phone app

Sleep Cycle is another alarm app with more features than your generic alarm. It tracks your sleep and wakes you up during your lightest sleep cycle in a 30-minute window that you set before you go to bed. The app uses your phone’s microphone and accelerometer to track your body movement and noise to understand your sleeping patterns. For this reason, it is recommended for single sleepers, as another person or pet could interfere with the data. It is free for both Android and IOS, with a $29.99 annual subscription for premium features.


Target Practice Alarm

target practice alarm clock with laser gun

This alarm turns your morning into a fun shooting game. It's simple, the alarm goes off and you shoot the target with your laser gun to turn it off. It has a 15 m range so if you want to challenge yourself, place the target a good distance from your bed. Just remember to keep the plastic gun nearby so you can actually shut it off in the morning ($28.99 - $33.99).


The Runaway Alarm

man checking under the bed for runaway clock

This little guy does the job by forcing you out of your bed. Its design allows itself to escape from your nightstand and roll around your room beeping until you catch it. Keep your doors closed or you may find yourself traveling a lot farther than you desire ($69.99).


Stand Up

rug alarm mat

If chasing a robot seems excessive, but you still need the motivation to get out of bed, this rug alarm is for you. When the alarm starts the only way to turn it off is to get out of bed and stand on it. You’ll have to rely on your willpower to stay awake, but it should help get the process started. Plus, it adds a nice rug to your bedroom decor ($49.99).


The Flying Alarm

black flying alarm clock

Similar to the runaway alarm clock, this alarm shoots a propeller into the sky and in order to silence the alarm, you must find the propeller and place it back in its slot. Not only will this alarm help you wake up, it will also motivate you to keep your room tidy. You don’t want to lose this propeller in a pile of clothes ($13.99).

While there may be a variety of designs and new ideas, your perfect alarm is the one you can trust to wake you up every day. We hope that one of the alarms we listed can help you start your productive day.

  • Brandon Doyle

What to Consider When Choosing a New Memory Foam Mattress

Since they kicked off in the early 1990’s, memory foam mattresses have become the fastest-growing segment in the mattress industry, and for good reason too. When compared to other types of mattresses, they are the best option in almost every aspect. In a survey of over 135,000 mattress reviews, memory foam received a satisfaction rating of 81% while innerspring mattresses have a 63% satisfaction rating. Memory foam mattresses even outperform latex mattresses, as well. While memory foam mattresses are the reigning champs, it’s important to remember that not all foam mattresses are created equal. Here are a few things to consider when buying a new memory foam mattress.

There are Different Types of Foams

Not only are there different types of foam mattress brands, but there are also different types of foams. For starters, three common types are standard, gel-infused, and plant-based foam mattresses. Each has pros and cons, and it all depends on a user’s preference to determine which type they choose. It is always worth it to invest time into researching which type of foam will be the best match.

Are You a Side Sleeper?

There are actually memory foam mattresses that are considered better for side sleepers, and it mostly has to do with mattress thickness. A foam mattress with a thickness between 8 to 14 inches is usually regarded as being better for people who sleep on their sides because the depth of the mattress allows for more cushion to conform to the body. The thicker mattresses offer optimal support and comfort for hips, shoulders, knees, and other pressure points that are in contact with the mattress when sleeping on one’s side.

What Density Is Right For You?

Memory foam mattresses come in high, medium, and low density options, and each option has its own purpose. For a long-lasting, durable, and firm mattress, the high-density mattress is the way to go. Medium-density mattresses perform well with motion isolation, making it a great choice for those who sleep with two in a bed. Low-density foam mattresses are easy to break in and are generally softer.

Do You Need a Hypoallergenic Mattress?

No matter how comfortable a mattress is, if it is causing your allergies to flare up and keeping you awake, then that mattress is not fulfilling its purpose. While all memory foam mattresses prevent bacteria, some mattresses are designed to keep dust mites and other allergens subdued. Those who are sensitive to allergens can also combine their hypoallergenic mattress with a bed topper for better results.

  • Brandon Doyle

Time for the Big Kid Bed

Getting your toddler to transition from the crib to a mattress is a big change and often difficult for most families. There is no widely held opinion on when the right age is to make the switch. What makes it even harder is that no two kids are the same. Some like to explore and will try to climb out of the crib as soon as they can. Others are more reserved and leaving the crib is like torture to them. To make the transition easier, you want to focus on timing the switch and making it as seamless and comfortable as possible.

a child sleeping in a bed


The typical age that kids leave the crib is between 18 months to three years. This is a large gap, so it is really important to pay attention to your child and base your timing off of their needs. If a child expresses the desire to sleep on a big kid bed, you may want to consider making the switch. If they are constantly trying to climb out, you want to switch them so they do not hurt themselves during a daring escape attempt. Mention it to your kids and see how they respond or if they seem ready. While they might be young, they still are the best indicator of when they are ready.

An important thing to remember is to make sure to transition during a relatively calm period. If there are a lot of other big changes happening, it causes extra stress and can create problems when you introduce new changes in their life. For example, wait until after they have been potty trained so they can focus on one milestone at a time. Similarly, avoid moving them to a bed because of a younger sibling being born. This is a big change and if they feeled forced out of their bed, the transition will become much more difficult. If this is the case, you will need to take special care to make sure that the older child does not feel replaced. They are still very sensitive at this age and if they have not expressed interest in sleeping elsewhere, it may be very hard to convince them to leave.

Smoothing the Transition

Once you figure out when to make the switch, it is important that you do everything you can to make the switch as comfortable and easy as possible. Often times, the best sleepers will become fearful when removed from the safety of their cribs. Even children that were excited to leave may not be aware how attached they were to the side bars that protected them and can become frightful without their crib.


We recommend the following tips to make that transition as smooth as possible:

1. Shop Together

One of the best things you can do to help smooth over the transition is to shop together. Let them pick out their new mattress and feel involved in the decision. This gives them a sense of ownership and makes them feel more excitement for the switch. Especially when they can pick the bedding and pillows as well. Mattress Dealzz employees love kids and have tons of experience making them feel in charge while also steering them toward a mattress that is in your budget.


2. Consistency

This is a big aspect of making a smooth transition, and you need to see that it is implemented with your children. Make sure that their new sleeping environment is as close to the original as possible. Try to put the bed in the same place as the crib. The fewer changes you can make the better. Use the same comfort items that they had. If they had a night light or a white noise machine, leave those so they are only adjusting to the new bed. Leave their favorite blankets and stuffed animals with them. The fewer adjustments they make, the easier it will be.


3. Routine

Another good thing is to ensure that your children stick to their routines. You should have a set bedtime in place and you should not make any changes to this. Whatever their routine was, stay with it. If you read them one story before bed, keep reading just one. If they brushed their teeth every night at the same time, make sure they keep that up as well. Routines help them feel comfortable so do not make any changes to their routine while switching to a new mattress.


4. Safety

One of the big concerns for switching is making sure your children are safe. If they move around a lot while asleep, the switch can be dangerous. Even if they are up against the wall, children can still get stuck between the wall and the bed. Consider getting beds with guardrails on them just to be safe.


5. Mattress

Another important factor is getting a quality mattress. Sleeping on a good mattress can make it a lot easier for them to fall asleep quickly. Make sure you know which mattress style they like and what helps them fall asleep. Memory Foam Mattresses are rated among the best mattresses among kids. Whatever your kid likes, consider getting them a new mattress as worn down beds can be uncomfortable and make it harder for them to go to sleep.


When you’re ready to transition your child into their own bed, be sure to visit us at Mattress Dealzz so that we can steer you in the right direction for you and your child.

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The Unique Advantages of Purchasing a Mattress from a Warehouse

E-commerce has never been more popular; the time-saving benefits and flexibility of online shopping convince many people to surf the web for their next purchase rather than combat the aisles and lines found at brick and mortar stores.

Virtually anything under the sun can be purchased on the web, even your next mattress. Regardless of how you might weigh the pros and cons of online mattress shopping, here are four things to keep in mind about mattress warehouses to help you determine if an in-store experience is the best option for you.

Testing out a mattress

1. Try It Out Before You Purchase

Perhaps the greatest benefit of shopping in mattress stores is the luxury of test driving the mattresses. Each of us has unique things we look for and need in a mattress, be it comfort, support, quality and type of materials, or size. Determining if a particular mattress meets your standards and specifications is something you just can’t do online. Plus, if shopping tends to be a tiring task for you, mattress warehouses have your back with incredibly comfortable mattresses for you to take five, of maybe even twenty, on. So, next time, bring your pillow, extend your test drive a bit, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the mattress you select will be just the one for you!

2. Take Advantage of Customer Service

Conventional open coil, low motion wrapped coil, premium memory foam, Talalay Latex. Mattress types are many and are not necessarily intuitive. If you’re like many others and don’t know what kind of mattress will best suit your needs and preferences, mattress warehouse customer service representatives will be your best friends. They have the industry knowledge necessary to guide you through the entire selection process. They’ll be there to offer helpful buying tips to keep in mind while shopping, and they have the expertise to prescribe the subtle yet sleep-revolutionizing mattress features you didn’t even know you needed.

These service representatives know that purchasing a mattress is a big decision that will affect one of your day’s most valuable and crucial activities: sleep. Understanding that you will spend ⅓ of your life on a mattress, service representatives will make sure they provide you with accurate information and the low pressure environment needed for you to choose the right mattress for you and your budget. Although you may be able to afford some of the newest and greatest mattresses, you certainly can’t afford the buyer’s remorse that comes from being stuck with a bad mattress. And fortunately for you, you don’t have to.

3. Enjoy the Wide Selection

Mattress stores carry a large variety of mattress brands, types, and sizes all under the same roof, which makes comparison shopping a breeze. Instead of having to navigate dozens of websites, enjoy the convenience of trying out all different kinds of mattresses in a one stop shop.   


4. Get Good Deals

Some of the best mattress deals are often found in mattress stores. This is because many warehouses offer a price match or price beat guarantee, while others offer older mattress models at a discounted price, all of which means that if you do a little research, you’ll be walking out with the best deal in town.


So, Has The Time Come?

If the time has come to replace your current mattress, there’s no denying the wealth of information and quality products available with the click of a button. But if you value things like trying out your mattress first and making sure you’re getting just the right product for you, close your browser and come visit one of our mattress warehouses now!  

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What Size Mattress is Best?

Are you looking to purchase a new mattress? Have you recently moved into a new home? Are the kids growing up fast? Sometimes it is tricky to know what mattress is best for the person and for the room. Be sure to take a look at our descriptions of all the mattress sizes to see which will work best for your needs!

Mattress Sizes Chart

Twin Size Mattress

Outside of a crib mattress, a twin size mattress is the smallest mattress you can get. Because of their size, they are a very cost efficient mattress to purchase. One adult (that is not too tall), or one child can fit comfortably on a twin size mattress. The dimensions of a twin size mattress are 39” X 75”. Twin size mattresses tend to be used for children (since some adults may be too tall for them), and in smaller bedrooms.

Full Size Mattress

Also referred to as the “double bed”, full mattresses are the same length as a twin size mattress, but 15 inches wider; complete dimensions are 54” X 75”. This is the most popular size to purchase; perhaps for the cost efficiency and small size, but the added horizontal space.

Many parents choose this size for their preteens and teenagers rooms. Because it is the most popular sized purchase, there are also a number of great bed sets in this size, and customers will find it easy to purchase a frame, headboard, footboard, etc. to fit a full size mattress.

Queen Size Mattress

The queen size bed is a more sought after size for couples. It is wide enough to fit two adults, and longer than the twin and full mattresses; complete dimensions of a queen size mattress are 60” X 80”.

Singles love the queen size mattress too because of the roomy size; there is more than enough space for one person to stretch out and have their toes still not hang over the edge. For singles however, it is important to ensure that the room is large enough to hold a queen size mattress without taking away walking space.

The queen size mattress is more expensive than the twin and full size mattresses, but this is understandable when considering the size difference.

King Size Mattress

A king size mattress is a full 16 inches wider than a queen size mattress putting the dimensions at 76” X 80”. To give you an idea of the width of this bed, it would be similar to taking two twin size beds and pushing them together. This size gives couples plenty of personal space, 38 inches of it in fact.

A king size bed is quite large for a room however, so they are typically used in large guest bedrooms or master bedrooms. It can also be tricky to get the mattress through corridors or down stairs, so be sure to plan things out before making a purchase.


California King Size Mattress

The California King is a little bit skinnier and a little bit longer, to accommodate tall adults. The dimensions of a California King are 72” X 84”. Much like the King size mattress, the California King is oftentimes used in large guestrooms or as a couple’s bed in the master bedroom. There is more than enough room on a California King mattress for two adults to sleep comfortably, and even move around without waking one another.


Ready to purchase? Check out our selection here at Mattress Dealzz!


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What is the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

Trying to sleep with back pain is a nightmare. Just finding a comfortable position is difficult. Sometimes even if you do get a decent amount of sleep the pain you feel getting out of bed is worse than it was before. Getting a new mattress can help you out a lot. Here are a few tips to steer you in the right direction.


Personal Preference

First things first, there is no single mattress that works for everyone. Any mattress that helps you get a good night sleep is the mattress for you. It could be a budget bed or a nifty Power Foundations fully adjustable mattress. Find a mattress that meets your standards for comfort and support.


Mattress Support

Mattress support refers to how well the mattress keeps your body on a flat plane. Sagging is the usually the culprit that ruins mattress support. Sagging refers to when a mattress becomes compressed and lower than the rest of it. This usually happens towards the middle of the mattress. This puts the sleeper’s back into an unnatural position and results in back pain. Even the difference of one inch can take a significant toll on your back.


Mattress Conformance

A mattress that conforms or molds to your body will give you more support and might help ease your back pain. A mattress that doesn’t conform to your body will have gaps in its support. This results in at least one part of your body not getting the support it needs and the stressed position can cause pain. The unequal support often means that your shoulders, hips, and lower back will take the brunt of the pressure.


Mattress Firmness

Most people prefer a bed with medium firmness. These beds tend to be just soft enough while still providing the right amount of support. A firm mattress will provide a lot of support but not a lot of conformity. A soft mattress will conform to your body shape but at the cost of the support.


These are just a few ideas for you. You also will want to consider your sleeping position and mattress type. Generally speaking, a memory foam mattress will be better than a futon. When you are actually ready to buy, remember to test drive a few to find your optimal fit. If you are looking for a great deal, try checking out a Mattress Dealzz location near you!

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