Tips for Falling Asleep

Do you struggle falling asleep each night? Do you toss and turn for hours wonder “why can’t I just fall asleep!”? We’ve got a few tips to help you fall asleep faster and get all those zzz’s you deserve!

tired person on a bed

#1: The Wear-Out

Our bodies need sleep in order to recover from a tough workout! It is at night when the most muscle repair and recovery occurs. So try wearing your body out with a good run, evening walk, yoga session, or weight lifting class each night. You might just find that you’ll be so exhausted you won’t even have to try to fall asleep.

#2: Listen to Soothing Sounds

For some a soothing sound may be the ocean waves lapping against the beach, while others prefer falling asleep to some light music. Whichever your choice, try putting your speaker on “sleep mode” so that the music or sounds turn off after about an hour or two.

Try focusing on the music and picture something relaxing in your mind as this will help you fall asleep even faster.


#3: Take a Warm Shower

Take a calming warm shower before bed; this helps relax your muscles and put your body and mind in a sleep-ready position. After you towel off immediately put on comfy pajamas and climb into bed.

#4: Find the Perfect Scent

There are several aromatherapy options for helping you fall asleep faster. Lavender is a well-known calming smell that might just help you fall asleep quicker. You can get room sprays, pillow sprays, or oil diffusers with these relaxing scents.

#5: Get a New Mattress

If the normal sleep remedies just aren’t helping you feel calm and comfortable to fall asleep, it might be time for a new mattress! Oftentimes an old mattress will cause pressure points and added strain to the body which makes it hard to relax, hard to stay asleep all night, and hard to feel rested in the morning. If this sounds like you and your mattress, go check out your options for a new mattress at Mattress Dealzz.