Terms and Conditions

Loose Threads: During the manufacturing process, particularly with pillow top models, loose threads may be left that need to be trimmed.  Do not pull them; simply trim them off close to the mattress surface.

Bed Frame with Center Support: If you purchased a queen, king or california king set, verify that your bed frame has a center support with at least one support leg that goes to the floor for queen and two support legs for king sets.

Rotate: Rotate your new mattress head to toe every two weeks during the first two months, and once a month thereafter to insure proper break in. Body impressions up to 1 ½ inches are considered normal by all manufacturers and are not a defect in the product.

Mattress Protector: Investing in a quality mattress protector will protect your new sleep set from stains.  Sweat is the most common cause of stains. Any stain will void your factory warranty.

Old Foundation(s): Placing a new mattress on a used/old foundation(s) has the potential to damage your new mattress investment.  Foundations, like mattresses, have a tendency to break down as they age.  A new mattress will conform to “soft spots” in an old foundation(s).   If there is any doubt about the structural integrity of your old foundation(s), it would be recommended to invest in new. 

Body Impressions: Slight body impressions are considered normal and are an indication the mattress is conforming to you. (Up to 1 ½ inches are considered normal by the manufacturer). Proper rotation of your sleep set will help minimize these impressions (refer to “rotate” for instructions).

Product Tie Downs:  In the event you want to take your mattress purchase with you, Mattress DealZZ will provide tie down material.  We are happy to assist you in loading the mattress set onto your vehicle with the understanding that we are not responsible for any damage of the vehicle or product. You also assume responsibility for any accidents or damage during travel.

Pillows, Toppers, Sheets and Mattress Protector Products: Due to their personal nature, all bedding accessories are non-returnable. Mattress Protector Care instructions: Machine wash hot, tumble dry low heat (do not use liquid bleach). In the event of a Mattress Protector issue, please call 1-866-297-8836 (phone number located in the product tag) to reach Protect a Bed’s customer service. For further assistance, contact your nearest Mattress Dealzz location.

Law Tags:  Do not remove law tags from your mattress products.  Manufacturers use these tags as a reference in the event that a warranty claim is made.  Removing these tags will void the warranty per the manufacturer.

Manufacturer’s Warranty: Please reference the warranty card included with your new mattress to determine the terms and conditions.  

Break-in Period: All new mattresses require a break-in period.  Display models in our stores are only partially broken in.  Your mattress once it’s broke in will be 5-10% softer than our samples.

Adjustable Bases: Adjustable bases do not qualify for a comfort guarantee and are not returnable.