Time for the Big Kid Bed

Time for the Big Kid Bed

Getting your toddler to transition from the crib to a mattress is a big change and often difficult for most families. There is no widely held opinion on when the right age is to make the switch. What makes it even harder is that no two kids are the same. Some like to explore and will try to climb out of the crib as soon as they can. Others are more reserved and leaving the crib is like torture to them. To make the transition easier, you want to focus on timing the switch and making it as seamless and comfortable as possible.



The typical age that kids leave the crib is between 18 months to three years. This is a large gap, so it is really important to pay attention to your child and base your timing off of their needs. If a child expresses the desire to sleep on a big kid bed, you may want to consider making the switch. If they are constantly trying to climb out, you want to switch them so they do not hurt themselves during a daring escape attempt. Mention it to your kids and see how they respond or if they seem ready. While they might be young, they still are the best indicator of when they are ready.

An important thing to remember is to make sure to transition during a relatively calm period. If there are a lot of other big changes happening, it causes extra stress and can create problems when you introduce new changes in their life. For example, wait until after they have been potty trained so they can focus on one milestone at a time. Similarly, avoid moving them to a bed because of a younger sibling being born. This is a big change and if they feeled forced out of their bed, the transition will become much more difficult. If this is the case, you will need to take special care to make sure that the older child does not feel replaced. They are still very sensitive at this age and if they have not expressed interest in sleeping elsewhere, it may be very hard to convince them to leave.

Smoothing the Transition

Once you figure out when to make the switch, it is important that you do everything you can to make the switch as comfortable and easy as possible. Often times, the best sleepers will become fearful when removed from the safety of their cribs. Even children that were excited to leave may not be aware how attached they were to the side bars that protected them and can become frightful without their crib.


We recommend the following tips to make that transition as smooth as possible:

1. Shop Together

One of the best things you can do to help smooth over the transition is to shop together. Let them pick out their new mattress and feel involved in the decision. This gives them a sense of ownership and makes them feel more excitement for the switch. Especially when they can pick the bedding and pillows as well. Mattress Dealzz employees love kids and have tons of experience making them feel in charge while also steering them toward a mattress that is in your budget.


2. Consistency

This is a big aspect of making a smooth transition, and you need to see that it is implemented with your children. Make sure that their new sleeping environment is as close to the original as possible. Try to put the bed in the same place as the crib. The fewer changes you can make the better. Use the same comfort items that they had. If they had a night light or a white noise machine, leave those so they are only adjusting to the new bed. Leave their favorite blankets and stuffed animals with them. The fewer adjustments they make, the easier it will be.


3. Routine

Another good thing is to ensure that your children stick to their routines. You should have a set bedtime in place and you should not make any changes to this. Whatever their routine was, stay with it. If you read them one story before bed, keep reading just one. If they brushed their teeth every night at the same time, make sure they keep that up as well. Routines help them feel comfortable so do not make any changes to their routine while switching to a new mattress.


4. Safety

One of the big concerns for switching is making sure your children are safe. If they move around a lot while asleep, the switch can be dangerous. Even if they are up against the wall, children can still get stuck between the wall and the bed. Consider getting beds with guardrails on them just to be safe.


5. Mattress

Another important factor is getting a quality mattress. Sleeping on a good mattress can make it a lot easier for them to fall asleep quickly. Make sure you know which mattress style they like and what helps them fall asleep. Memory Foam Mattresses are rated among the best mattresses among kids. Whatever your kid likes, consider getting them a new mattress as worn down beds can be uncomfortable and make it harder for them to go to sleep.


When you’re ready to transition your child into their own bed, be sure to visit us at Mattress Dealzz so that we can steer you in the right direction for you and your child.

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