What Size Mattress is Best?

What Size Mattress is Best?

Are you looking to purchase a new mattress? Have you recently moved into a new home? Are the kids growing up fast? Sometimes it is tricky to know what mattress is best for the person and for the room. Be sure to take a look at our descriptions of all the mattress sizes to see which will work best for your needs!


Twin Size Mattress

Outside of a crib mattress, a twin size mattress is the smallest mattress you can get. Because of their size, they are a very cost efficient mattress to purchase. One adult (that is not too tall), or one child can fit comfortably on a twin size mattress. The dimensions of a twin size mattress are 39” X 75”. Twin size mattresses tend to be used for children (since some adults may be too tall for them), and in smaller bedrooms.

Full Size Mattress

Also referred to as the “double bed”, full mattresses are the same length as a twin size mattress, but 15 inches wider; complete dimensions are 54” X 75”. This is the most popular size to purchase; perhaps for the cost efficiency and small size, but the added horizontal space.

Many parents choose this size for their preteens and teenagers rooms. Because it is the most popular sized purchase, there are also a number of great bed sets in this size, and customers will find it easy to purchase a frame, headboard, footboard, etc. to fit a full size mattress.

Queen Size Mattress

The queen size bed is a more sought after size for couples. It is wide enough to fit two adults, and longer than the twin and full mattresses; complete dimensions of a queen size mattress are 60” X 80”.

Singles love the queen size mattress too because of the roomy size; there is more than enough space for one person to stretch out and have their toes still not hang over the edge. For singles however, it is important to ensure that the room is large enough to hold a queen size mattress without taking away walking space.

The queen size mattress is more expensive than the twin and full size mattresses, but this is understandable when considering the size difference.

King Size Mattress

A king size mattress is a full 16 inches wider than a queen size mattress putting the dimensions at 76” X 80”. To give you an idea of the width of this bed, it would be similar to taking two twin size beds and pushing them together. This size gives couples plenty of personal space, 38 inches of it in fact.

A king size bed is quite large for a room however, so they are typically used in large guest bedrooms or master bedrooms. It can also be tricky to get the mattress through corridors or down stairs, so be sure to plan things out before making a purchase.


California King Size Mattress

The California King is a little bit skinnier and a little bit longer, to accommodate tall adults. The dimensions of a California King are 72” X 84”. Much like the King size mattress, the California King is oftentimes used in large guestrooms or as a couple’s bed in the master bedroom. There is more than enough room on a California King mattress for two adults to sleep comfortably, and even move around without waking one another.


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