Answers to common questions about mattress delivery and pickup

Answers to common questions about mattress delivery and pickup

Mattresses come in various sizes and many can be difficult to maneuver. So, it's no wonder why people have so many questions when it comes to figuring out how they'll get the mattress to their house. In this blog, we'll go over some of the common questions that we hear regarding delivery and pickup.

Common delivery questions:

1. Do you have free delivery?

We charge a small fee for delivery. You can check with us to see what the fee is depending on your order and location.

2. What don't we deliver?

We deliver everything we sell.

3. Do you have same-day delivery?

We do offer same-day delivery. However, sometimes it is not possible if you arrive late in the day or if our delivery scheduler is already filled out for the day. To ensure that you get the mattress on the day that you want it we recommend coming in a few days in advance to reserve the spot.

4. Can you deliver to two different addresses?

We can deliver to two different addresses, but we will have to charge the customer two delivery charges because it will take up two time slots on our trucks

Common pick-up questions:

1. I'm only driving down the street, do you really need to tie my mattress down?

We recommend it just to be safe as you do take responsibility for the mattress once you leave the parking lot.

2. Can you help me tie it to the roof of my car?

Absolutely we can! We tie mattresses to the roofs of many of our customer's vehicles. Please be aware you still assume liability for the product once you have left the store.

3. Can I pick up my mattress from a different store?

Yes, we are glad to facilitate the pick up of your mattress at any of our six stores. It may not be ready to pick up for 1-2 business days if we have to transfer it from a different store.

Common questions about the removal or moving of old mattresses and furniture:

1. Do you dispose of old mattresses?

Yes, we will dispose of your old mattress. We charge $10 a piece for the haul away. For example, if we haul away a mattress and boxspring, the charge would be $20, or $30 in king-size cases.

2. Will the delivery guys move my old mattress into a different room?

Yes, they will. But they cannot set up or move furniture. It is a good idea to let the salesperson know in advance so they can let the delivery team know ahead of time.

3. Can your delivery crew haul away my bedroom furniture?

For insurance and liability purposes, we can only haul away mattresses, foundations and Hollywood-style frames.

We hope this helps answer some questions you may have in regards to the delivery and pickup of mattresses. We're happy to answer any other questions you may have. Please reach out to us at Mattress Dealzz.

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  • Jeremiah Stettler