Tips for renovating a bedroom for better rest

Tips for renovating a bedroom for better rest

Are you thinking about renovating your bedroom? If so, make sure that you consider how the renovations can affect your rest for the better. Choose to focus some of your renovation choices on what can prompt more fulfilling sleep. To help, we've made a list of some things to keep in mind.

Choose darkening blinds or curtains

It can be hard to fall asleep or stay asleep if you have light coming in when you want to be resting. Darkening blinds or curtains can help keep the light out so you can continue to rest during a schedule that works best for you. Just remember, opening up the blinds in the morning when it's time to get up will help your mind wake up a little faster.

Organize and remove unnecessary items

Clutter is distracting and stressful. If your room is cluttered it can make it harder for you to rest easy. Go through your items and consider if there is anything you can get rid of. Anything you want to keep should have a place. If necessary, invest in more storage. Unsure where to begin? There are plenty of options, including under-the-bed storage bags, cedar chests, or shelving. Here are a few ideas from House Beautiful.

Upgrade your pillow, mattress, and bedding

It's hard to sleep well if you can't get comfortable. Make sure where you actually sleep takes priority when renovating. If your pillow or mattress isn't providing the support you need, it's time to consider upgrading them. Also, take a look at the sheets and the blankets, are they too hot or are they just right? Do you feel cozy when you lie down?

Choose the paint carefully

Some colors can create a more calming environment. HGTV recommends shades that are soothing like heavenly blue, ammonite, silver lining, and Alaskan husky. Click the provided link to access the complete list.

Think about your lighting

In the bedroom, you want it to be bright when you're awake, but if you spend about an hour before bed in your room, you'll want the lights on a dim setting. Consider end table lights or a dimmer switch for your overhead light. If you tend to be a hot sleeper, you may also want to think about upgrading to a light with a ceiling fan.

There are several things to keep in mind when you're renovating any space. But, when it comes to your bedroom, "sleep ability" is a top consideration that needs to be contemplated.

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  • Jeremiah Stettler