9 common questions about memory foam mattresses

9 common questions about memory foam mattresses

Are you thinking about getting a memory foam mattress? If so, you probably have some questions. Our FAQ has the answers:

1. Is a coil or foam mattress better? Coil and foam are both good options. It really is a personal preference of comfort and support. We recommend trying them both out to determine which one best meets your needs.

2. Is memory foam hot? Memory foam does tend to sleep warmer than other mattresses. That's why we recommend our gel-infused memory foam to those who have a tendency to get hot.

3. Why is memory foam hot? Memory foam mattresses retain more heat because they form a natural pocket around your body. Traditional coil mattresses don't have this capability.

4. Why are some memory foam mattresses more breathable than others? There are two types of memory foam, open-cell and closed-cell. Closed-cell memory foam is like a bunch of tiny bubbles, which insulate the heat against your body. Over time, the bubbles pop, and the memory foam goes flat. Open-cell foam chains all those tiny bubbles together throughout the foam, so the air in the mattress can breathe through its pores. Since it doesn't 'pop', it doesn't go flat either.

5. I have allergies to certain foams am I safe buying your latex or memory foam beds? Memory foam is an allergen-free material, however, some people who are extremely sensitive to chemical compounds have reported feeling dizzy while it's off-gassing (a process that takes about a week).

At Mattress Dealzz, we only use Talalay latex. This material contains none of the proteins that trigger allergic reactions. Additionally, our mattresses completely surround any latex with foams, so you cannot come into direct contact with it while sleeping.

6. What's the most organic or natural mattress you carry? The most natural type of foam is our hypoallergenic Talalay latex. Because some people are sensitive to chemicals, we recommend going with our line of Talalay Latex mattresses or a coil product with no memory foam in it. Memory foam is known to be fairly chemically-heavy, but polyurethane foams aren't quite as bad.

7. My new mattress has a strong chemical smell. What can I do about it? Off-gassing is common with new mattresses. The scent of the foam and glue in the mattress waft into the air when they're released from the plastic. Keep the room well ventilated and let in as much fresh air as possible. The smell should dissipate within a few hours.

8. Will I experience off-gassing with your mattresses? Yes. There will be a "new foam" smell, much like a new carpet. However, all of the foams used in our mattresses are CertiPUR-US Certified. That means they contain no harmful chemicals and are made from environmentally friendly materials.

9. What does it mean to be CertiPUR-US. certified? CertiPUR-US is a third-party quality control company. They go into the factories where these foams are manufactured and make sure that responsible manufacturing techniques are used. In addition, they ensure no harmful/poisonous chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. They also make sure the foams do not have any harmful off-gassing.

We hope this FAQ answers some of your questions regarding memory foam mattresses. We encourage you to reach out to us at Mattress Dealzz to learn more about your mattress options. We're happy to help you find the right one for your specific needs.

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  • Jeremiah Stettler