Answering common questions about mattress bases

Answering common questions about mattress bases

We all know how important a new mattress is. Often, it's the missing piece to a good night's rest. But what about the base of your mattress? We regularly get questions about box springs, foundations, bunkie boards, and more. Below, we've shared some of the most common questions (and our answers to them) to help you make an informed decision.

1. Can I use my old box spring?

You can as long as it provides proper support. If you see any body impressions in the first year or so, that's a clear indication your foundation or box spring doesn't correctly support your new mattress.

2. Do you carry a bed frame that I can attach a headboard and footboard to?

Yes. We have two options. We have a bed frame that hooks into your headboard and footboard, as well as a bed frame that bolts onto your headboard and footboard. The bolt-on frame is designed for metal products and the hook-on is for wood.

3. How much weight can a box spring hold?

Manufacturers of wire box springs don' place a weight rating on their units. Each unit is designed to hold up under "normal use." Meaning, they're for sleeping on, not jumping, or other potentially harmful activities.

4. How tall are your bed frames?

Each of our bed frames is seven 1/2 inches tall.

5. What's the difference between a foundation and a box spring?

A foundation and a box spring are the same things. The industry used to call them box springs when there were actual coils in them. Now they are just a solid wood or steel foundation. Even so, many people still call them box springs.

6. What types of mattresses can rest on adjustable bases?

Any of our pocketed coil units or memory foam mattresses will work with an adjustable base. We can also order a Perfect Bliss Latex mattress without the racetrack edge support to make it compatible with an adjustable base.

7. Will a Bunkie board work on a metal frame?

No. A Bunkie board is designed to be used on a slat system and may break easily on a Hollywood-style frame.

8. How thick are your bunkie boards?

Each of our bunkie boards is approximately two inches thick.

9. Where are the wheels for my new bed frame?

Often, the bag that the wheels come in is stuck to the inside of the box. Make sure to open the box completely. If you can't find the wheels, we do have extra parts we can provide you with.

9. Do you carry spare parts for bed frames?

Yes. We have wheels and center cones that we provide to customers.

10. Can I put my new mattress on the floor and sleep directly on it?

Yes. As long as it's a solid surface it will be fine. Putting your mattress on the floor will give the same feeling as putting it on a foundation.

11. What do I do if I can't fit a queen foundation up the stairs?

We carry split queen foundations. These foundations come in two pieces for easy transport up and down the stairs.

12. Do your bed frames require tools for assembly?

No. The bed frames we sell can be easily put together without any tools.

13. Will a king-size mattress fit on my waterbed frame?

It depends. Most of the old king-size waterbed frames are California King size. To ensure your new mattress fits, we recommend measuring your frame before making a purchase.

We hope this FAQ helped answer the questions you have about mattress bases. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at Mattress Dealzz.

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  • Jeremiah Stettler