Things you should and shouldn't have in your bedroom

Things you should and shouldn't have in your bedroom

The bedroom is supposed to be a place of relaxation. That means the things you have in this room should promote rest, not stress or anxiety. That being said, it's important to evaluate your room and consider what should stay and what should go.

Let's first talk about what we don't want in our bedrooms if we want to improve sleep.

Things that can make you feel anxious or stressed shouldn't be placed in your bedroom. For example, having a desk in your room could make you think about work, causing difficulty when it comes time to fall asleep.

A cluttered bedroom can cause stress and make rest feel impossible. You may want to even rethink some of your family photos, believe it or not. Just because you love your family, doesn't mean that seeing those pictures won't remind you of your to-do list or other anxieties. Consider moving those to the living area if you find this happening.

Other things you may not want to store in your bedroom are electronics and fitness equipment. The problem with electronics is that they can be distracting and they put off blue light which can hinder sleep since it has the ability to negatively affect your body's sleep hormone (melatonin). Plus, it's recommended that you put devices down a couple of hours prior to going to sleep for a more restful night.

Exercising during the day can improve sleep, but doing it close to bedtime can have the opposite effect. Exercise equipment may cause you to feel down on yourself if it's left unused too long. You don't want to have these types of feelings before trying to rest your eyes.

Now let's talk about what you should have in your bedroom.

There are of course the necessary and common sense things to have such as a bed, pillows, a blanket, a place to store your clothes. But what about the other accessories? A fan can be helpful if you get too hot at night, it can also drown out sounds. On that note, you may find a sound machine is beneficial. Many have relaxing sounds programmed into them, such as waves crashing, the sound of crickets, or thunder in the distance.

Darkening curtains can be very helpful if you don't plan to wake up when the sun rises or you go to bed before the sun completely sets. As for the lighting in your room, consider installing a dimmer switch. That will allow you to create the right ambiance before bed. If you'd like to further improve your bedroom, we recommend a new mattress. We have dozens to choose from at Mattress Dealzz.

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  • Jeremiah Stettler