Why are most modern mattresses single-sided?

Why are most modern mattresses single-sided?

Several years ago, it was standard to buy a double-sided mattress. However, in more recent years, it's much harder to find mattresses like this. You may be wondering why.

Traditional double-sided mattresses were built in a way that you could sleep on either side. This required that owners flip their mattress every so often to keep both sides evenly worn.

However, the problem with this is that the quilted top would get broken in quicker than a single-sided mattress. This is because these types of mattresses are built with an inner core instead of a base core. Layers are added on either side of the core to create the mattress. When the mattress is flipped over, the quilted side gets pressed into the box spring underneath, which can cause a depression in the quilted top. It's also a pain to have to flip your mattress, and nearly impossible if you're a single person.

The benefit of a single-sided mattress is that it's built from the ground up. This means that the manufacturers can add more layers, making it a more comfortable bed to sleep on. The added layers aid in reducing how quickly the top of the mattress breaks down as well. The mattress is designed on a solid foundation, helping the mattress be more durable and longer-lasting. Single-sided mattresses use stable base foam too, which means it's possible to reduce overall motion, compared to the old double-sided mattresses.

Additionally, less maintenance is involved with a single-sided mattress. It doesn't require you to have brute strength to flip it over, you just have to rotate it from top to bottom about every four months. This is much easier than trying to flip a mattress and it helps lengthen your mattresses' life.

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  • Jeremiah Stettler