Tips to help hot sleepers keep cool throughout the night

Tips to help hot sleepers keep cool throughout the night

Are you a hot sleeper? If so, there are some things you can do to keep cool overnight. We'll share some tips for you in this blog and discuss mattress selection.

First off, let's talk about some of the things you can do to increase your comfort level while you sleep. If you share your bed with a partner, then you may want to consider using separate blankets. The heat from the other person could make it harder for you to rest easy.

Try to sleep with a lighter blanket, since comforters help maintain the heat. You also want to consider the material your sheets and pajamas are made of. Cotton can be a good choice for both since the material is breathable.

Try to keep your room cool. Make sure that blinds and curtains stay closed whenever possible to avoid absorbing excess heat. Install a ceiling fan or use a box fan overnight to keep air moving freely. Set the temperature in your house to around 65 degrees overnight, too. It's considered an ideal temperature for sleeping.

Now let's discuss which mattress you should choose if you tend to get hot while sleeping. No matter the type of mattress you buy, everything will eventually absorb heat as you lay on it for hours. However, if you get more breathable materials such as latex foam, the mattress will be able to vent.

Some mattresses have a gel infused foam or a heat-resistant spray, these both help to prevent heat absorption for much longer, and thus keep the mattress cooler. Memory foam warms up quickly, so we recommend a gel-infused mattress if you tend to be a hot sleeper.

There are two types of memory foam, open-cell and closed-cell. Closed-cell memory foam is like a bunch of tiny bubbles, which insulate the heat against your body. Over time, the bubbles pop, and the memory foam goes flat. Open-cell foam chains all those tiny bubbles together throughout the foam, so the air in the mattress can breathe through its pores. Since it doesn't 'pop', it doesn't go flat either. Another thing to keep in mind is that memory foam retains more heat than a coil system.

If you are buying a new mattress, we recommend getting a protector to increase the life of the mattress and safeguard your investment. This is incredibly important if you're a hot sleeper since it can protect your mattress from sweat stains. When you're ready to look at new mattresses, come in to see us. We're here to help you find the right mattress to meet your needs.

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  • Jeremiah Stettler