Risks of Sleeping on Any Non-Mattress Surface

Risks of Sleeping on Any Non-Mattress Surface

The surfaces we sleep on play a huge role in the quality of sleep and several other health-related areas, and there's a standard everyone should be trying to meet here. Specifically, targeting as much sleep as possible on a robust, well-built mattress should be the goal at all times - any non-mattress surface comes with some pretty notable risks. 

At Mattress Dealzz, we're happy to help clients around Salt Lake City find their ideal mattress, from latex options to hybrid mattresses, coiled mattresses and more. Here are some of the non-mattress surfaces that some people try to sleep on, plus the risks that each of them creates and why you should do your very best to sleep on a legitimate mattress as often as possible.

On the Floor

Unfortunately, one of the most common - and least healthy - surfaces to sleep on is the floor. This kind of surface doesn't offer any give or cushioning, which makes it difficult for your body and joints to relax while sleeping.

It can also create cold temperatures that affects your ability to settle in and actually get a good night's rest. This is because heat rises, and when you're sleeping on a cold floor, it can be difficult to conserve enough warmth to stay comfortable throughout the night.

Furthermore, there are significant risks of bacteria, germs and dust mites that can negatively impact your sleep and overall health if you're sleeping directly on the floor.

On a Couch

Another popular surface to sleep on is a couch. This can be especially tempting if you don't have an extra bed in your home, or if guests come and you need to find alternate sleeping arrangements.

The most notable risk of sleeping on a couch is the fact that it's not designed for sustained rest periods - meaning, the cushions may start to dig into your body after a few hours of sleep, leading to discomfort and possibly even pain.

The couch also doesn't offer much support for your spine or neck, which can create serious problems as you try to drift in and out of sleep throughout the night.


Similar to couches but with different levels of rigidity, futons can be inviting but come with their own list of risks.

These surfaces are known to have a tendency to sag more than even a couch might, meaning the cushioning isn't as effective and your body will sink down instead of being supported throughout the night. Plus, like couches and the floor, futons don't offer much support for your spine or neck.

Pullout Beds

One area where the quality level can vary immensely is pullout beds; these have the potential to offer support and cushioning, but it really on the specific bed you're using. It's important to test out any pullout bed before committing to a full night of sleep on one. Make sure that your body has the support it needs, that there isn't too much sagging, and that you don't feel any uncomfortable pressure as you move around on the bed.

And even if a pullout bed is suitable for a night or two here or there, we generally don't recommend it as a sustainable sleeping surface.

Air Mattress

This is another one where it depends on the quality of the air mattress you're using. Low-quality air mattresses can easily sag and lose their structure over time, leading to similar issues as with a pullout bed.

However, if you have access to a higher-end air mattress that offers adjustable firmness and plenty of cushioning, then this can be a good temporary solution for a night or two here and there.

Convincing the Poor Sleeper in Your Life

For some reason, some people seem to prefer sleeping on non-mattress surfaces - and it's our job to convince them otherwise. We all want the people we care about to get the best sleep possible, so try your best to show them why a proper mattress is important and can truly make a difference in their life.

Talk to them about the risks of sleeping on a non-mattress surface and explain how a good mattress can help improve their sleep quality, energy levels and overall health. You may even want to suggest that they try out various mattresses before committing to one - different people have different preferences, so let them find what works best for them!

It's important to remember that these non-mattress surfaces can't provide the same level of comfort and support as a traditional mattress, so be sure you do your research and find an ideal mattress for sleep needs. At Mattress Dealzz, we have a wide selection to choose from - check out our inventory today, or contact us to learn about any of our mattress products or services around SLC.

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