Quick tips for a better nap

Quick tips for a better nap

We all know that infants and toddlers can benefit from naps. Lots of adults tend to enjoy a good nap as well. We all need a little extra shuteye from time to time. But, there are a few rules to keep in mind to make the most of the experience.

If you're an adult, it's recommended you keep your naps on the shorter side (no less than 5 minutes though). Aim to nap for around 10 to 20 minutes. Younger adults may be able to get away with napping longer. Children shouldn't be limited by this recommendation either. A short nap might seem like a waste, but the longer you sleep, the more likely you are to feel drowsy after. So, make sure you don't lay down without setting an alarm.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don't want to take a nap in the evening. The typical recommendation is to get a nap prior to 3 p.m. However, the time you go to bed and other factors may come into play here and affect the time at which you need to cut off napping.

When you're ready to lay down, make sure that your sleep environment is appropriate for a nap. If no one is home and you can close the blinds, then by all means take a little snooze on the recliner or the couch. If there are people home and bright lights, go to the bedroom for your power nap. Make sure it's a cool, dark environment without anything that could disturb your sleep.

If you find that you struggle to shut off your brain when you go to lay down for a nap, try some things to help relax. Try some breathing exercises, meditation, listening to calming music, or writing your thoughts down on paper, for example. Find ways to let your stresses go so you can get the most out of your power nap.

Make sure you have a cozy place to curl up, too. If your mattress is keeping you awake or it's just not that comfortable, it's probably time for a new one. The right mattress can help you get a more restful nap, and even better, a more sound sleep. In fact, with the right mattress, you may no longer need naps!

If you're ready to look at your options and consider an upgrade, please reach out to us at Mattress Dealzz. We want you to be able to rest easy!

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  • Jeremiah Stettler