How to figure out what size mattress to buy

How to figure out what size mattress to buy

Are you trying to decide what size of mattress to buy? We want to help.

First, consider who is going to be using the mattress and how big they are. Do they sleep alone or do they have people or pets they share the mattress with? Answering these questions can help you determine how much room will be required. If you're buying for a kid, you may want to consider more than just the current size needed. Think ahead about how big they'll be in 10 years. That way you can extend how long your kid will be able to use the mattress comfortably.

When thinking about what size of mattress you need, consider what type of sleeper you are. For example, if you're buying the mattress for yourself, and you're a side sleeper and don't take up much room on the mattress, a full size may be just what you need.

On the other hand, if you sleep with a partner and one of you needs a little more space, a full mattress might feel too tight. You may need to upgrade to a queen or a king. If you share your bed with a partner and a pet (or two), you may opt for the king-size mattress right off the bat. Now, if you or your partner is tall, a California king might be preferred. A California king isn't as wide as a traditional king, but it is four inches longer. Since California king mattresses aren't as common as king-size mattresses, it can be hard to find sheets and bedding that go with this size, so definitely keep that in mind.

Speaking of mattress sizes, let's break down what those measurements look like:

  • Twin: 38-39"x74"
  • Twin XL: 38-39"x80"
  • Full: 54"x74"
  • Queen: 60"x80"
  • King: 76"x80"
  • California King: 72"x84"

When deciding what size of mattress to buy, it's a great idea to test out different ones. Lie down on the mattress the way you would go to sleep, whether that's on your side or spread across the whole bed. If you share your bed with a partner, make sure to bring them with you (also consider how much room your pets take up).

Consider the size of the room you have to work with and what else you use the bedroom for. If you only sleep in your bedroom and just need enough space for a dresser and a bed, then you may be able to fit a larger mattress. If you have a sitting area in your bedroom where you like to read, an entertainment stand, or a desk, you may need a little more space to move around. Measure your bedroom and figure out what you have to work with before making a final decision.

We know it can challenging to find the right mattress for your needs. If you have additional questions or want to see what options are available, please come see us at Mattress Dealzz.

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  • Jeremiah Stettler