Find the Perfect Mattress for Your Sleeping Style

Find the Perfect Mattress for Your Sleeping Style

Buying a mattress can be intimidating. There are so many choices, so how do you make the right one? Here’s a guide to which type of mattress you should buy based on the type of sleeper you are:

Stomach Sleepers: Firm—Stomach sleepers are unique in the sense that they are uncommon. They need a bed that will not allow for their hips and chest to sink into the bed which causes back pain, so a soft bed is out of the question. A firm bed will keep their back level and cause for them to wake up feeling happy and well slept!

Side Sleepers: Plush—Side sleepers are the most common, but the way they sleep can increase the weight of pressure on their hips and shoulders up to seven times; therefore, it’s important for them to get a mattress that provides relief on those pressure points. The firmer the mattress, the more pressure against the body. And a mattress that is too soft won’t give them the support they need. So for side sleepers, it’s best to go with a more plush option, like a memory foam mattress.

Back Sleepers: Medium Firm—If you have ever noticed, lying flat on your back does not mean actually lying flat. Your back curves. So back sleepers need a type of mattress that will give them lower back support and keep the natural curve of their back. A soft bed will cause their back to bow, but too firm a bed will cause tension in the back muscles. So a medium-firm bed will be great for the back sleepers! Take your pick of memory foam or latex mattresses.

Combination Sleepers: Medium Firm—For the ones that don’t have a particular position they sleep in or they just like to sleep in all of the positions mentioned above, the mattress they should get is a medium-firm one. Not too soft, not too hard, just a happy medium.

Couples—It can be hard to find the best mattress for you and your partner. You may have different sleeping styles, so how do you pick the best one? There are mattresses that now split in half allowing for each individual to set the firmness of their side of the mattress.

Mattress Dealzz has every type of mattress for every type of sleeper. Their prices are great and can’t be beat. So next time you’re shopping for the perfect mattress, take in account your sleeping style and buy the perfect mattress for your sleeping needs at Mattress Dealzz!

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  • Brandon Doyle