Different and Unique Types of Alarm Clocks

Different and Unique Types of Alarm Clocks

Everyone loves a good night's sleep, but few enjoy the struggle of waking up. There is so much pressure to start the day on time for work, school, or any other responsibilities you might have. This means we need to trust that our alarm clocks will do their jobs and help get us out of bed. Fortunately, it seems there is an unlimited amount of alarm clocks from which we can choose. Whether you are a light or deep sleeper, you can find the perfect alarm that will consistently let you know when your day begins.

Below, we have listed some simple and creative alarm clocks that will help you wake up and stay up.


The Classic

Classic two-bell alarm clock on wood table

When you think of alarm clocks, it’s hard not to think of the classic twin bell. It’s been around for as long as we can remember and while it may produce an awful sound, there is no doubt it will wake you up from the deepest sleep. Another benefit is its retro design that can make any nightstand look complete. Yet, if you're looking for something more modern or less annoying, we suggest you keep scrolling.


The Modern Phone

shoulder POV of man looking at smartphone in his hands

Most people these days trust their phone to alert them when it’s time to wake up. It’s simple, always nearby, and gets the job done. You can use the generic sounds that your phone provides or choose a song from your music library. However, it is a common fact that the song you choose for your alarm will most likely become your most hated song, so choose wisely.



screenshot of Alarmy app

Alarmy is an alarm app with a twist. The alarm can only be turned off by taking a photo that you have previously set. You decide what picture it is, but the idea is you will have to physically get out of bed and walk around to shut it off. It’s a great option for those who use their phones as their alarms but need that extra push in their morning routine. There are also different options for solving a math problem or shaking the phone to shut the alarm off. It is free for both Android and IOS, with a $1.99 - $2.49 fee to remove ads.


Sleep Cycle

woman lying in bed with Sleep Cycle phone app

Sleep Cycle is another alarm app with more features than your generic alarm. It tracks your sleep and wakes you up during your lightest sleep cycle in a 30-minute window that you set before you go to bed. The app uses your phone’s microphone and accelerometer to track your body movement and noise to understand your sleeping patterns. For this reason, it is recommended for single sleepers, as another person or pet could interfere with the data. It is free for both Android and IOS, with a $29.99 annual subscription for premium features.


Target Practice Alarm

target practice alarm clock with laser gun

This alarm turns your morning into a fun shooting game. It's simple, the alarm goes off and you shoot the target with your laser gun to turn it off. It has a 15 m range so if you want to challenge yourself, place the target a good distance from your bed. Just remember to keep the plastic gun nearby so you can actually shut it off in the morning ($28.99 - $33.99).


The Runaway Alarm

man checking under the bed for runaway clock

This little guy does the job by forcing you out of your bed. Its design allows itself to escape from your nightstand and roll around your room beeping until you catch it. Keep your doors closed or you may find yourself traveling a lot farther than you desire ($69.99).


Stand Up

rug alarm mat

If chasing a robot seems excessive, but you still need the motivation to get out of bed, this rug alarm is for you. When the alarm starts the only way to turn it off is to get out of bed and stand on it. You’ll have to rely on your willpower to stay awake, but it should help get the process started. Plus, it adds a nice rug to your bedroom decor ($49.99).


The Flying Alarm

black flying alarm clock

Similar to the runaway alarm clock, this alarm shoots a propeller into the sky and in order to silence the alarm, you must find the propeller and place it back in its slot. Not only will this alarm help you wake up, it will also motivate you to keep your room tidy. You don’t want to lose this propeller in a pile of clothes ($13.99).

While there may be a variety of designs and new ideas, your perfect alarm is the one you can trust to wake you up every day. We hope that one of the alarms we listed can help you start your productive day.

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  • Brandon Doyle