Choosing the Best Mattress for You

Choosing the Best Mattress for You

Sleep is broken down into REM and non-REM cycles, each offering different benefits to the body. Non-REM sleep consists of different stages, culminating in REM sleep. REM sleep is the restorative stage of the cycle and is important for the rejuvenation of your body. REM sleep normally occurs after you have been asleep for 90 minutes and will last only about 10 minutes. The cycles will then repeat themselves, progressively lasting longer each time.

Does your mattress let you complete the sleep cycle? Many mattresses do not provide your body with the comfort needed to stay still long enough to complete these necessary cycles. Tossing and turning interrupts the sleep cycle; these interruptions cause your body to react in way that leave you feeling unrested when you wake.

Different mattresses offer benefits that you should be aware of. Find a mattress that suits your needs to ensure you are completing the sleep cycles and getting the best night’s rest possible. Here are the two major mattress classifications and their associated benefits.

Firm Mattresses

One of the biggest causes of poor rest is pain in the back. Many beds do not provide optimal support for the spine. If the back in not aligned properly it may result in uncomfortable pressure points. This pain will inevitably interrupt the sleep cycle.

Not only will do some wake up feeling tired, they also experience tension throughout the back for the entire day. To prevent such problems, find a mattress that is firm, this firmness offers many benefits including reducing the amount of pressure points on the body.

Not all coil beds are alike, but they have a similar function.  Coils, or springs, are the primary source of cushion and support in these beds. Coil strength can differ, but these beds are known for offering firm support.
While identical in function to an open coil mattress, a wrapped coil  mattress incorporates gel and foam. In a wrapped coil bed, each spring is encased in layers of foam which reduces motion throughout the bed and provides additional cushion.


Soft Mattresses

Lying in any position for an extended period of time affects blood flow. When a surface is too hard, circulation is restricted. This produces discomfort that can cause some people to roll many times throughout the night, trying to find a more comfortable position. Soft mattresses can help with this problem and provide other benefits, including the reduction of some types of back pain.

Foam is one of the newest bed innovations. It is widely recognized for its softness and comfort.  Memory foam can be altered in slight ways to change the sleeping experience. Thickness of the foam, or injecting the foam with gel, can change how soft or supportive the bed will be.
In the search to build the luxury foam, scientists turned to the botanical liquid from rubber trees for its natural properties of buoyancy and resilience. Latex is considered one of the most durable materials, and the firmness or softness of latex can be altered to suit sleeping preferences.

Other Considerations

To find beds that will help you sleep well, consider your sleeping habits.  A firm or soft bed is not optimal for every circumstance; how you sleep will help you decide what you need.

Sleeping on your Back

A big concern for back sleepers is support.  When the lower back sinks into the bed, this position causes pain. Consider purchasing a mattress that is a little more firm.

Sleeping on your Side

You will need something with a lot of pressure relief which can also conform to the irregular curves and provide support. The best choice id to find a mattress with a soft foam.

Sleeping on your Stomach

In this position, a soft mattress can smother you and cause you to become overly warm.  Consider buying a mattress that is firm and will help keep you cool and your back in line.

Restless Partners

If your partner continuously moves during the night, you will want a mattress that does not transfer motion.  Find beds that are soft, as they better absorbing motion.


If you are highly sensitive to heat, foam and latex may not be a good choice; both materials retain body heat.  Find a mattress that is firm as it will stay cooler throughout the night.


Over a third of your life is spent sleeping. If you are feeling sluggish in the morning or experiencing discomfort during the night, it may be time to buy a new mattress. Contact Mattress Dealzz if you have any questions or concerns, or come on in to one of our Utah locations.


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  • Brandon Doyle