Where To Start When Looking For a New Mattress

Mattress Warehouse in South Jordan

Mattress Warehouse in South Jordan

You lay there with your eyes closed, but your mind is well aware of what is going on. You’ve tossed and turned for the last hour, but refuse to give up your attempts to find sleep. You know that there are very few hours between the silence of now and the dreaded ringing of an alarm.

“Why can’t I sleep?” you mutter to yourself, but as soon as the words leave your mouth your mind points out the awkward lumpiness of the mattress beneath you. You roll around trying to adjust in a way that is comfortable, but to no avail. With a hopeless sigh, you continue to wait, eyes open, for the sun to rise.


The Consequences of an Old Mattress

Haven’t we all been there, at least once? You can only take it for so long before it becomes too much. Unfortunately, these are just the consequences of having an old, worn out, mattress. There are lumps, tears, waking up with back pain, not feeling rested...the list goes on and on.

Not only do mattresses wear out over time, but the mattress bought 10 years ago can’t hold a candle to the technological advances of mattress construction today. There are new methods and materials that simply make the sleeping experience something magical. If you are a victim of these negative side effects and are tired - literally, it may be time to start looking for a new mattress.


Time for a New Mattress?

So is it time for a new mattress? Mattress Dealzz has dozens of mattresses to choose from, varying in products and brands. We have open coil, wrapped coil, memory foam, latex, and adjustable beds; among each of these products there are even more options. For example, among the memory foam, you can choose from classic, premium, super premium, or gel. You can also choose between brands such as Sealy, Stearns and Foster, Easy Rest, and the Mattress Dealzz Comfort Collection.

All Mattress Dealzz’ products are made from the highest quality material, and made to last. Our open coil mattresses are made comfortably with compressed insulator pads so you can’t feel the coils, and they last longer than open coil mattresses from our competitors.

Our wrapped coil mattresses come with a gel memory foam lumbar feature for extra comfort. The latex mattresses are durable, body contouring, and good for keeping cool. From hot sleepers, to those who toss and turn, we have mattresses that fit every need, and every preference for hardness or softness, size, or even adjustable movement.


Get an Affordable Mattress

Our prices are lower than other mattress stores without sacrificing quality. We have mattresses at a varied price range, so no matter your budget, you’ll be able to find the right mattress for you and your family. All of our mattresses are made of quality material, and we strive to provide you with the best customer service we can give.


We hope with this head start, your mattress buying endeavor can be quick and painless with complete satisfaction. To try out some of these mattresses be sure to visit our mattress warehouse in South Jordan:

10541 South Redwood Road
South Jordan, UT 84095