The Perfect Mattress for YOU

Anyone who has ever slept on a bad mattress knows that there is nothing worse than spending the night tossing and turning, feeling pressure no matter where you turn. Luckily, there’s a perfect solution; everyone should buy the perfect mattress for his or her needs.

Even better?

That perfect mattress can be found right around the corner at the Mattress Dealzz Salt Lake location. Learn more about what makes the Salt Lake location the best mattress warehouse in the city.


A Mattress for Every Budget

Not everyone has the budget to buy a new mattress right now, especially if the perfect mattress also comes at a steep price. This is where Mattress Dealzz comes in! We offer our customers the perfect mattress for all budgets. Whether customers want a full-size mattress, a queen mattress, latex mattress, or a memory foam mattress, Mattress Dealzz can help them find the right mattress for their needs at the right price.

Can it get better than that?

Yes! Mattress Dealzz offers amazing financing plans, which means every customer can leave our store with a brand new mattress and no money down.

Endless Selection

Finding the perfect mattress is more than just finding the cheapest, full-size mattress possible. Because everyone’s bodies are so different, everyone’s mattress needs are different. A side sleeper is going to need a different mattress than a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper.

Luckily, Mattress Dealzz has a huge selection of the best quality mattresses. We also offer tons of different brands from Sealy Posturepedic to Easy Rest to our own brand, the MDZ Comfort Collection. We also offer a huge selection of mattresses on site at our Salt Lake location, which means our customers aren’t going to have to wait weeks for their perfect mattress to come in.

Friendly Guidance

Need to buy a new mattress but no idea where to start? Our professionals can help. These mattress experts can help customers learn the difference between a latex mattress and an open-coil mattress. They can also help customers decide the best mattress size for their family, whether it be a full-size mattress or a king-size mattress, and help them find the right mattress for their budget.

Great Warranty

Many people fear buying a mattress because they know that a full-size mattress is big purchase that they’ll be sleeping on for the next 8 to 10 years. Luckily, we offer an amazing warranty to help our customers sleep soundly on their brand new mattress. If a mattress is dysfunctional, regardless of whether it is a latex mattress or any other type of mattress that we offer, we will replace it, in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Great Customer Reviews

We know that we offer amazing mattresses, but don’t just take our word for it. We let customers leave reviews on our website, and the reviews speak for themselves. For example, one customer said,

“Went to 2 big box stores and we were already tired of their run-around. Went into Mattress Dealzz. We found straight answers, excellent service, reasonable prices, a wide selection, comfortable beds, and NO bate and switch. 30 minutes later we went home with two beds.”

Check out our reviews page to see even more great reviews from satisfied customers.


Express Delivery

Getting the perfect full-size mattress is great, but it doesn’t help to spend weeks and weeks waiting for it to arrive. Even worse is being forced to wait waiting at home all day when the mattress company gives a ridiculously long delivery window.

Luckily, we offer Express Delivery with a one-hour delivery window, so our customers can get to the perfect sleep as soon as possible. Our delivery also includes mattress set-up, and we can take away your old mattress for an additional fee. Because we offer the largest supply on on-site mattresses, customers who want to transport their full-size mattresses home themselves will usually be able to take their mattress right home with them. We even offer tie-down material! Our customers can pay for their mattress at our Salt Lake location and have it delivered in no time at all.


The Perfect Accessories to Accompany the Perfect Mattress

Even if a customer buys the perfect full-size mattress or a twin size mattress, he or she still won’t get the best sleep ever without the accessories to go along with the mattress. Customers can purchase a memory foam pillow to accompany their memory foam mattress, fitted sheets that are guaranteed to fit on their brand new mattress, or a mattress protector so that they can be sure to keep their full-size mattress for as long as possible.


Convenient Location

Hauling a huge king-sized mattress or even a more reasonably-sized full-size mattress can be a pain if it has to be driven throughout all of Utah to get to home. But Mattress Dealzz is has a Salt Lake location conveniently located next to both the I-15 and I-80 freeways. We also have plenty of other locations throughout Utah, so that our customers can buy their mattresses with as much convenience and ease as possible. Use our store locator tool to find the closest location to you.


The Perfect Mattress Every Time

Mattress Dealzz strives to be the leader in high-quality, low-price mattresses. Our customer service and expertise is unmatched, and we have a huge selection of mattresses on-site at our Salt Lake location, ready to be taken home as soon as they are purchased. With Mattress Dealzz, each customer is sure to get the perfect mattress for him or her every time.