Debunking Myths on Mattresses and Sleep

Debunking Myths on Mattresses and Sleep

Misconceptions on certain topics may not be all that harmful or worth worrying about, but this isn't the case in the world of mattresses and sleep. Many people are looking for legitimate information in areas like these to assist with their sleep and quality of life, and myths surrounding mattresses, sleep or any related areas can be harmful to these goals. 

At Mattress Dealzz, we're proud to not only offer a huge range of mattresses and mattress accessories to clients around Salt Lake City, but also to provide helpful and legitimate information on all our products and related client needs. Sadly, we've heard just about every myth out there surrounding mattresses and sleep - but we know the correct information in each area, and are happy to set you straight. Here are some top examples.

Myth #1: A Firm Mattress is Always Best

In reality, we could have replaced the word "firm" in this myth with any other mattress type, and the theme would still hold. That's because in truth, the myth we're discussing here is the idea that any singular mattress type is "best" for all people.

Rather, the mattress type you prefer is a highly individualized decision, and it's best to visit one of our stores to try out different types for yourself. Some people do very well with a firm mattress, while others prefer something softer and plusher. This preference depends entirely on what type of sleeper you are. All sleepers can be identified in the following categories, back, stomach, or side. While almost everyone sleeps in at least two of these categories,  in most cases, the sleeping position you wake up in after a night's sleep is considered your dominant one. Your dominant sleeping position will  determine what firmness level of mattress you require. Again, visit one of our stores so we can assist you in choosing the correct mattress. Remember, the word “firm” should be replaced with the word “support”. Different levels of support are required for different sleeping positions.

Myth #2: You Need to Replace Your Mattress Every Few Years

This is a myth we hear all the time, but in reality it simply isn't true. While mattresses do lose their shape and comfort with regular use over some years, this process can take many more years than the "every few" years this myth suggests.

Depending on your mattress type, manufacturing quality and other factors, you may get many more years out of it than what this myth suggests - so don't be too quick to invest in a new mattress without taking all factors into consideration. These factors may include the following: Is your mattress still providing a good quality of sleep? Are there areas in your mattress that seem to be developing impressions? While sleeping out to the edge of your mattress do you feel the sensation of falling off?  Keep in mind a few simple maintenance ideas can extend the life of your mattress like using a rotating schedule so your mattress wears evenly.  Another factor that may cause your mattress to wear prematurely is a box spring / foundation that is worn out or damaged. Your mattress requires proper support just like you do!

Myth #3: You Have to Flip the Mattress Often

Another common misconception is the idea that you must regularly flip your mattress to maintain it - but this isn't true either. In fact, most mattresses don't even have an option for flipping! If you have a two sided mattress, meaning it has soft upholstery on both sides that requires flipping, it’s probably time to buy a new mattress. 99.99% of manufactures went away from two sided mattresses over twenty years ago! Treat yourself to available new technology like specialty foams that can help provide amazing sleep.

Generally speaking, mattresses manufactured nowadays are all one-sided, meaning you do not flip them. However, a one-sided mattress still requires "rotating." 

Generally speaking, modern one-sided mattresses only need to be rotated once or twice a year. By rotating, we mean spinning your mattress head to toe 180 degrees in order to keep the material even and maintained - so don't invest too much time in this task if you don't have to!

Myth #4: Everyone Needs Exactly Eight Hours of Sleep

While it's true that eight hours has been identified as a general benchmark for a full night of sleep, the reality is that every person has different needs depending on their age and lifestyle. Some people need nine hours or more in order to feel properly rested, while others are good with just six or seven - so it depends entirely on your own individual needs.

Another key factor to consider here is the quality of sleep you're getting - not just the quantity. More hours of sleep isn't always better if it's lighter, interrupted or otherwise low quality rest.

Between these myths and the need for personalization when it comes to mattress types, it's important to do your research or visit a store before investing in a high quality sleep system. This way you can ensure that you get all the facts - not just misinformation and myths - when choosing the right mattress for yourself.

And at Mattress Dealzz, we can help you find the perfect fit for your needs! Contact us today to get started with your SLC mattress search and learn about our huge range of products and services.

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